Our Most Accurate Alerts With 98% Success Rate 
Weekly Option Writer 
  • Strategy: Sell Out-Of-The-Money Options into Earnings while the options premium is high  
  •  Holding Period: Only 1-4 Days
  • Alerts Issued:  3-4 Trades Per Month
  •  Target Gain Potential: 10% to 20% monthly on margins
  •  Trade Delivery: Email, SMS & Web 
  • Trade Type: Sell Weekly Naked Puts
 we had 98% Win Rate in 2020.*
*Results presented are not typical and may vary person to person.
Our Most Accurate Alerts With 98% Success Rate 
Option Writer 
  • Strategy: Sell Out-Of-The-Money Options into Earnings while the options premium is high  
  • Holding Period: Only 1-5 Days
  • Alerts Issued: 3 - 4 Trades A Month
  • Target Gain Potential: 10% to 20% monthly on margins
  • Trade Delivery: Email & Text Message
 We Had 98% Win Rate In 2020.
What you get with your 
Weekly Option Writer subscription
With Options Writer you can take advantage of selling put options , which helps limit market exposure, and protect trade capital by getting in and out of each trade fast, while still targeting double-digit winners -- sometimes as quickly as overnight!

Subscribers will receive an average of  3 - 4 profit-ready option trade alerts per month, sent straight to you via email and text message -- so you never need to worry about missing an alert!

Each trade is simple Puts sell options.

Each trade alert expires in just 1-4 days. You won’t need to worry about closing out your position -- the goal is to simply let it expire worthless!

Each trade targets 10%-20% potential GAINS!

Each alert has only a 1-4 day holding period, so trading funds aren’t tied up long-term!

You will our favorite entry and exit points for each trade alert, so you'll never feel left in the dark

Hiral Ghelani, Founder Of StockEarnings.com

"We developed a proprietary algorithm that gives us better  odds to make profitable trades...Try it for yourself -- we think you'll like it!

Hiral Ghelani, Fouder Of StockEarnings.com

"We developed a proprietary algorithm that gives you the best odds to make profitable trades...You're going to like the trades I guarantee it."
What Are Current Members Saying?
What Are Current Members Saying?
  • Jeff R, Toronto, Canada –"Thank you StockEarnings.com ! My first trade gained 244% this morning (CIEN ), using StockEarnings trade alerts."*
  • Justin D, New York, NY, USA Active Trader - "StockEarnings.com has been a great resource for finding and trading the best earnings plays. It's been key to my development as a profitable earnings trader!"*
  • Eddie W, New York, NY, USA Active Trader - "StockEarnings.com has successfully predicted price movement earnings after earnings. Its a website you can't afford to not try!"*
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