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Hiral Ghelani
Founder & CEO
Weekly Winners
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Weekly Winners
    Our Weekly Winners publication is designed to get you in and out of your trades fast… and we help reduce the risk by providing you entry and exit instructions on these short term stock trades signals.

    It uses a swing trading strategy that targets high-volume hyper-growth stocks under $50.

    Why stocks under $50?

    Because they help you eliminate the need for a large margin account.

    Why hyper-growth stocks?

    In this high inflationary environment, some hyper-growth stocks have gone down by 60%...

    …while some have even gone down by 70%...

    …few of them have even gone down more than 80%. 

    Now there does not seem to be many sellers left anymore. Because when the market drops, hyper-growth stocks don’t drop as much relative to other sectors.

    They also tend to be volatile (and that volatility gives you the opportunity to get in and out of your trades fast).

    Why hyper-growth stocks with high trading volume?

    The spreads between bid and ask prices are low, which means you won’t overpay for your positions. 

    Low spreads also mean your orders are likely to fill quickly.
    How Weekly Winners Trades Are Determined
    It all starts – and ends – with Hiral Ghelani, Founder and CEO.

    He runs mountains of data on hundreds of stocks through a proprietary algorithm he developed during his 15+ year career working for some of the biggest names in the financial industry (they include Bloomberg, Société Générale and Brown Brothers Harriman). Then – using what he learned during his career – he conducts extensive analyses on his findings to determine investment recommendations worthy of your consideration.

    Hiral does all this work himself – nothing gets farmed out to outside analysts.

    Result – you get a new recommendation of his very best earnings-related trade every month.

    The algorithm focuses on identifying stocks priced at $50 or less in prime positions for rapid gains while keeping your risk exposure to a minimum.

    Take a look at the accuracy of our "Weekly Winners" publication trade signals in last 10 Months (since April 18th, 2023).

    • YTD: Remarkable 80% Win Rate in this Market!
    • Avg of all Trades: +5.47% Gains
    • Avg Holding Period: Just over 1 day! (Range: 1-15 Days)
    • Targets Low-Volatility Stocks for Minimal Risk

    Total 11 Trades Signals. 9 Winners and 2 Losers
    In Last 10 Months (since April 18th, 2023)

    Average Return per Trade is 5.47%

    Even though we had great accuracy in last 10 Months (since April 18th, 2023), I want you to know that past performance is no guarantee of future results. Inherent in any investment is the potential for loss. The results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, strategy, business model, and market forces beyond our control. We don't make any future earnings claims. 
    Here’s What Else You Get With Weekly Winners Publication:
    1. Real-time Trade Alerts

    Weekly Winners publication sends trade recommendations directly to your inbox and through SMS.

    (You can also access them online, as they'll be posted on your member "My Account" page.)

    These recommendations give you:

    Directions on whether to buy a stock or sell it short (enabling you to trade in bull and bear markets)

    The maximum entry price you should pay 

    This point is so important it deserves extra attention.

    Consider a recent Weekly Winners trade alert to put in a limit order to buy NIO Inc (NYSE: NIO). When we issued that alert, the stock was selling for $12.01. Had it gone lower before you were able to execute the trade, you’d have gotten the stock at the lower price – great, right?

    But of course the stock could have risen slightly from the time we issued the alert to the time you received it.

    No way we wanted you to miss that trade over a tiny rise, so we gave you a slightly higher price to consider.

    As you can see from this screen shot of that NIO alert, we set the maximum buy price at $12.25.
    Besides reducing the risk of missing the trade, that maximum buy price ensured you didn’t chase the stock and overpay.

    Helping you minimize your risk is a key to every trade we suggest.

    That leads to the next thing our trade alerts do for you…

    Where to set your stop loss. As in setting a maximum entry price, our stop loss suggestions help you minimize your risk (in this case if the trade goes against you).

    Going back to the NIO trade, we set a stop loss at $9 (as you can see below)…

    • The time frame your trade should be in force (example: GTC_EXT, which is “Good ‘Till Canceled With Extended Hours”), with close-out trade instructions.
    • ​Here’s a snapshot of our closing instructions for that NIO trade…

    As you can see, we published a close-out alert that position 1 day after initiating the trade at $12.83, which resulted in a nice winner.

    Here’s something else you should know - there’s no need for you to monitor any of your Weekly Winners positions (this gives you more time to do things you really want to do).

    Plus every recommendation is published in real time and valid for the entire trading day.

    Some recommendations also come with an analysis to help you understand our process of stock-picking.
    (That understanding will help make you a better trader.)

    Weekly Winners members get a new recommendation every single month on trades that turn around fast….

    And the targeted holding period for each recommendation is short (that means your funds don’t get tied up for long).

    Bottom line – with Weekly Winners Publication, you’ll be in position to trade earnings season, pre-earnings, and post earnings with confidence.

    (Sometimes we even cover trades outside of earnings.)
    Plus you’ll be able to make these trades in both up and down markets (giving you more trading opportunities to take advantage of).
    2. Downloadable Weekly Winners Handbook

    This detailed handbook helps answer any questions you may have about Weekly Winners Publication.

    It also provides invaluable information on how to manage your trading risk…

    Reveals how various trading strategies work…

    Shows you how to read StockEarnings trading recommendations…

    Provides you with an expansive glossary of trading terms…

    All that’s just the beginning, as this essential trading manual gives you much, much more.

    As with your real-time trade alerts, it’ll also be posted in your “My Account” members page.

     For a limited time, you'll receive these exclusive gifts below: 
    90 days of unrestricted access to ALL of my acclaimed 
    Stock Research Tools, and Ride the Wave options technique valued at over $1,500and the best part? 

    It's absolutely FREE! 

    3. Our Most Popular Earnings Calendar

    When earnings season heats up, hundreds of companies can be announcing earnings on the same day.

    That can make it tough to pick the right stocks to trade.

    But the filtering tool that powers our earnings calendar solves that problem.

    It works by instantly giving you all the fundamental information you need based on your search criteria:

    • Predicted Moves Based On Earnings (so you can accurately determine your risk-reward ratio)
    • Market Cap (instantly identifies companies you deem too small – or too big)
    • Average Daily Volume (an invaluable filter for options traders looking to reduce their premiums)
    • Stock Prices (saves you time by eliminating stocks that are too expensive for you)

    4. A Proprietary Stock Screener Devoted Just To Earnings

    This powerful tool gives you 3 years of historic earnings data for select stocks, plus…
    • ​Trading strategies you can use to consistently find actionable trade ideas from earnings announcements (along with detailed instructions on how to tailor these strategies for specific stocks)
    • ​Identification of select stocks that tend to move with high volatility based on earnings announcements (trade these stocks – and options on them)
    • Earnings dates and times, predicted moves, estimated earnings per share and other critical information (use this data to quickly determine stocks with the highest likelihood of making big pre- and post-earnings moves)
    • Customizable filter that finds stocks with earnings dates based on your parameters (this eliminates wasting time on stocks that don’t fit your strategies)
    5. Notable Earnings Reports Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

    Every trading day at 5 a.m. Eastern time, you’ll get alerts on notable earnings announcements.

    You’ll also get these alerts at 11 p.m. Eastern time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and at 11 a.m. Eastern time on Sundays.

    Plug into these alerts and you’ll…
    • ​Never miss a notable earnings announcement ever again (they give you a steady stream of trading opportunities all year long)
    • ​Trade earnings-related news more quickly and effectively (giving you more time to do the things you really want to do).
    • Discover predicted volatility for each company in these alerts (enabling you to plug in the right earnings-related trading strategy for each one)
    6. Our Proprietary Volatility Algorithm

    Options trading seems scary to many investors.

    But if you knew how much a stock historically moves after its earnings announcement, you’d feel more confident about trading options on it, right?

    That’s exactly what this proprietary tool reveals.

    It works by filtering a pre-selected basket of stocks to trade during earnings season.

    And it chooses these stocks based on their historic volatility at least 3 weeks before their earnings announcements.

    Historical after-earnings moves are also built into this feature (allowing you to find weekly options trades).

    How do you leverage this unique trading tool?

    Through a powerful options trading strategy you also get with your weekly winners membership.

    It’s called Ride-the-Wave - an options technique that’s designed for stocks as a Post-Earnings Strategy. It targets multi-day price momentum following a company’s earnings announcement (EA).

    Armed with this strategy, you’ll have even more opportunities to trade on earnings announcements.

    And it’s yours free with your Weekly Winners membership.
    Hiral Ghelani 
    Founder of StockEarnings
    "We developed a proprietary algorithm that gives you the power of accurate and timely earnings information so you can move fast...
    ...You're going to like your trading confidence"
    What our users are saying 

    “..........the strategies are solid.”

    I was having a problem pulling up a product. I called my rep but he was out sick. The *** called me that night. I was very impressed by this, I have been in customer service most my life and it is very rare you get this level of service. Not too mention the strategies are solid. I subscribe to all of them and my favorite is Pro Put Seller. Kudos to this company and its service level
                                                                                     - Gregory K

    " StockEarnings is a great resource for my trading efforts.”

    I have several subscriptions for stock and options trading. I took the leap of faith to try out StockEarnings too. I have been very pleased. In all of my subscriptions, there have been winning trades and losing trades... that is just part of the business. I know that not all of the trades I receive from StockEarnings are going to be winners. So far, the trades I have received from StockEarnings have had a much higher percentage of winners than my other subscription services. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. StockEarnings is a great resource for my trading efforts. Also, they are very attentive to responding to any questions I have and they are proactive in making sure I'm being successful with their service. That is refreshing as well.
                                                                                -Lamar L

    “ My experience with this company has all been positive……...........”

    I am amazed that the ***************** has not accredited Stock earnings .com My experience with this company has all been positive.As long as you follow their instructions you will come out ahead most of the time. Their insistence of trading often and trading small looks out for the little guy in this current highly volatile market we are experiencing. ***** and ***** use an algorithm that closely monitors the market and advise you to never trade more than 4% of your capital to avoid any heavy losses. ***** follows up on a trade recommendation to see if you entered and the company wats you to be successful so we all can be one happy family.Being patient and trading often but trading small is their motto and it works for me as it does for them as well!
                                                                                 -David S

    “I find their staff very easy to contact, they care about how I do……”

    I have been a member of StockEarnings since Aug 2021. I subscribe to 6 of their stock alert services and usually get a few stock quotes a day in emails and text messages. I find their staff very easy to contact, they care about how I do. I find I do well with most of their suggestions. I get daily email listing stocks that have earnings coming out in the recent future. Thank You to ***** for his personal attention to me.
                                                                                                -Bonnie D

    “My experience with Stock Earnings has exceeded my expectations………"

     I have subscribed to many of the Stock Earnings products for more than one year and am very happy with my outcome. They understand and use proven methods and techniques to achieve results. Their Algorithms for stock are very accurate. Even when a stock goes against you, it's amazing how many times that stock will make a return back to profitability. They clearly understand purposes, objectives, practices and procedures for success. Also, they strive for maximum returns on investments. My experience with Stock Earnings has exceeded my expectations. ******* **
                                                                         - Patrick H 
    Frequently Asked Questions
    • How do I get these trade recommendations? 
      These real-time trade recommendations are sent to you directly by email and SMS. They are also available to be reviewed on the "My Account" page for members."

    • If I am not always in front of the computer, is there any other way for me to get the trade recommendations? 
      We also provide SMS text messages service for all real-time trading strategy here at StockEarnings. You can have it easily added you your account by contacting us.  

    • Is there any other detailed information about this program to help with my success?
      Yes, we provide a detailed Handbook about how to understand these trade strategy, that was created by StockEarnings. 

    • How do I manage the trade risk?
      One way we recommend that you manage your risk while trading in the market is by using only 4% of the total amount in your trading account.
      This give you two benefits; one if the trade becomes a loss you do not lose your whole account. Two you still have the ability to take other trades if other opportunity present itself.  

    P.S. To recap, with Weekly Winners, you get a simple stock trade recommendation every month (sometimes more).

    These recommendations come from my proprietary algorithm, which sifts through mountains of data on hundreds of stocks to find the best-of-the-best trade opportunities.

     Today you can save over 80% – on a one-year membership to this powerful trading program and FREE upgrade to Lifetime Access. 

    And 3 bonuses (valued at $597) to take your trading to the next level

    So go ahead…
    Questions: Feel Free To Call Us At 1-877-678-6257
    Disclaimer & Important Information is owned and published by StockEarnings, Inc ("SE"). Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, strategy, and market forces beyond our control.

    SE is not an investment adviser or a broker-dealer. SE is not a financial adviser and does not provide any individualized investment advice. You should perform your own independent research on potential investments and consult with your financial adviser to determine whether an investment is appropriate given your financial needs, objectives, and risk appetite. Readers are advised that this publication is issued solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security.

    * Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Inherent in any investment is the potential for loss.

    None of the case studies, examples, testimonials, or investment return or income claims on this site or through this service is a guarantee of any income or investment results for you. Trading in securities involves risks, including the risk of losing some or all of your investment. For additional SE disclosures and policies,  please click here.  
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