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Get Vertical Credit Spread Trades 
In Your Email and In Phone
Black Friday Weekend Sale
  • Strategy: Sell Out-Of-The-Money Options and Buy Further-Out-Of-The-Money Options
  • ​Holding Period: Short Term
  • ​Alerts Issued:  2 to 4 Trades A Month
  •  Target Gain: 10% to 20% on Margin
  •  Trade Delivery: Email & Text Message
  • Trade Style: Conservative
Weekly Spread Trader
Get Vertical Credit Spread Trades
In Your Email and In Phone
Black Friday Weekend Sale
  • Strategy: Sell Out-Of-The-Money Options and Buy Further-Out-Of-The-Money Options 
  • ​Holding Period: Short Term
  • ​Alerts Issued: 2 - 4 Trades A Month
  •  Target Gain Potential: 10% to 20%
  •  Trade Delivery: Email & Text Message
  • Trade Delivery: Conservative
What you get with your "Weekly Spread Trader" Program
Our Weekly Spread Trader program utilizes a conservative bullish strategy. You will get vertical credit put spread recommendations. Each of these trade recommendations are real-time alerts. 

You will receive alerts on strategies for entering and exiting every trade (so you have confidence to make a move). 

2 to 4 trades every month: You will receive any where between 2 to 4 a fully detailed trade  recommendations. 

Trade Delivery: You receive the Entry and Exit trade notification in your inbox and in your phone via SMS. Trades will also be posted in your "My Account" page (so you never miss any trade ever). 

Short Term Holding Period:  The Spread Trader alerts have a short holding period. We only issue credit spread trades on options which are expiring in the short term (so your funds are not stuck for a long time).

Detailed how-to-handbook: You will have a detailed handbook to help you answer any questions and thoughts about this program. Handbook will also educate you on how to manage the risk in trading spread options. (Your go-to guide)

Stock Research Tools: Generate your own trade ideas by using our proprietary tools like our Earnings Screener, Earnings Calendar, Upcoming Notable Earnings, Historical Notable Earnings and much much more....

Hiral Ghelani, Founder Of

"We developed a proprietary algorithm that gives you the power of accurate and timely earnings information so you can move fast...
You're going to like your trading confidence, I guarantee it."

Hiral Ghelani, Fouder Of

"We developed a proprietary algorithm that gives you the power of accurate and timely earnings information so you can move fast...
You're going to like your trading confidence, I guarantee it."
What Are Current Members Saying?
  • Gerry G, El Paso, Texas, USA – I truly enjoy all that you are offering your subscribers as well as new people on their trials to show that there are people such as yourself that really put in a heck of a lot of work in guiding our paths on what it is that you want us to see and benefits that are available to us unlike many others only look to get your money and provide next to no real benefits to us. Many thanks for your guidance.
  • Paul J T, New York, NY, USA – I have been very impressed with the algorithm used by The weekly alerts are always spot on. Sam S. was the one who alerted me to this system, and he has been wonderful to work with. I will be a long-term subscriber to their service.
  • Charles M, St. Louis, Missouri, USA – I bought the membership and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all this info on your website. I love it. Thank you so much
  • Lance J, Richmond, VA, USA – Best for Options Traders and Gap Traders like me!
  • Melissa M, Sydney, Australia – I use this website to filter and find stocks which are highly volatile in after earning. Predicted volatility simplifies my options strategy. This is the only tool out there which provides the ability to filters earnings calendar based on predicted volatalitry. Awesome!!!!
  • Miguel B, Taipei, China – I use this website for the matrix they have sort list ‘Upcoming Notable Earning’ They use the same parameters which I do manually but it takes forever to find stocks. It makes my research very easy. I would pay good money to have continued access!
Grab A Weekly Spread Trader
And Get Bonuses
Bonus #1 - How To Trade Earnings Manual
  •  5 little-known trading strategies that will help you maximize your trade on earnings announcements.
  • Tools and strategies for reducing risk with trades that have 45 days to expiration
  • The best strategies for gap and momentum trades
  • And much more! 
Bonus #2 -Special Report: Timing is Everything
  • The big mistake that causes traders to lose when they trade options. 
  • Why options premiums increase into earnings. 
  • Why you should stay away from small-cap stocks when trading into earnings season.
Bonus #3 -The Right Way to Use Options Video               
  •  Here you’ll see our tools used to make trades in real time.
  • How to use tools to identify consistent, actionable trades ideas (we show you strategies to find optimal entry and exit points, too)
  • How to factor in all the various fundamentals into your trades (without getting overwhelmed by them)
  • How to use technical analysis to determine when to enter – and exit – all of our strategies (use these techniques and it will help you to take emotion out of your trades once and for all)
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I get these trade recommendations? 
    These real-time trade recommendations are sent to you directly by email and SMS and also available for you to review on your "My Account " page.

  • If I am not always in front of the computer, is there any other way for me to get the trade recommendations? 
    We also provide SMS text messages service for all real-time trading strategy here at StockEarnings. You can have it easily added you your account by contacting us.  

  • Is there any other detailed information about this program to help with my success?
    Yes, we provide a detailed Handbook about how to understand these trade strategy, that was created by StockEarnings. 

  • How do I manage the trade risk?
    One way we recommend that you manage your risk while trading in the market is by using only 4% of the total amount in your trading account.
    This give you two benefits; one if the trade becomes a loss you do not lose your whole account. Two you still have the ability to take other trades if other opportunity present itself.  
Questions: Feel Free To Call Us At 1-877-678-6257
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* Lifetime Access is for the life of the program
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