The Easy Way to Profit From Earnings Announcements
You don’t have to waste countless hours poring over financial data any more!
You know trading on earnings announcements is one of the surest ways to profit from the markets.

But it’s a hassle getting all the data you need.

You have to go back and forth between multiple financial websites in order to 
sift, track, analyze and organize mountains of information.

And you have to do all that for every…single…stock.

The process is so tedious and time-consuming you feel like just giving up. 

But what if there were a button for all that? Eliminates All The Hard 
Work Trading Earnings Announcements
With, you can get all the data and information you need on baskets of stocks in seconds.

It’s practically a push-button system.

Result – you cut your research time to the bone and get mountains more profit opportunities.

And you’ll be in position to make more money on each trade.

We generated a 260.9% return over three years using the tools that come with
We repeat that we generated a 260.9% return!
(Compare that to the 23.3% return the S&P 500 generated over the same period.)
You can enjoy this kind of success, too – without risking a penny!
What You Get With 
  • 1.Stock Trade Alerts (1-Day and 7-Day Hold)
  • 1. Stock Trade Alerts (1-Day and 7-Day Hold)
Imagine knowing how much a stock is likely to move a day after – and 7 days after – its earnings announcement. 

You’ll have that power with our 1- and 7-day directional hold strategies. 

Over the last three years, our stock-trading subscribers used the 1-day hold strategy to generate 260.9% returns.

Stock traders who implemented the 7-day hold strategy did nearly as well during the same time frame, generating returns of 165.5%. 
  • These powerful tools make directional predictions on over 250 stocks and…
  • Reveal whether a stock is likely to go up or down after an earnings announcement (this dramatically boosts your odds at profiting)
  • Give you specific trading recommendations based on these predictions (no more guesswork on your part – just plug and play)
  •  Provide up to 20 predictions every trading day (check it out daily and you’ll have more profit opportunities than you can take advantage of)
  •  Supply back-testing data for past quarters as well as the current quarter (use it to spot patterns you can leverage for consistent gains)
  • 2. Our Proprietary Volatility Algorithm
  • 2. Our Proprietary Volatility Algorithm
If you knew how much a stock typically moves after its earnings announcements, you’d be in perfect position to profit, right? 
  • That’s exactly what this proprietary tool reveals. 
And you can profit from it no matter which way a stock moves.

Over the last three years – much to the delight of our option-trading subscribers – this tool was accurate 
 to the tune of +76.5%
  • It works by… 
Filtering a pre-selected basket of stocks to find the best ones to trade during an earnings season based on volatility at least three weeks before their earnings announcements (enabling you to profit no matter which way the stocks move)
Historical after-earnings moves are also built into this feature (making it easy to find options trades with high profit potential)
  • A Volatility Algorithm That Will Help You Profit On Earnings Announcements Like Clockwork
You profit from this unique trading tool through three powerful options trading strategies, each of which is designed to profit on specific categories of stocks:
  • Volatility Rush Strategy – Use it to cash in on a stock’s implied volatility in the weeks preceding its earnings announcement
  •  Volatility Crush Strategy – Perfect for profiting on stocks with a history of low to moderate price moves following their earnings announcement
  •  Ride-The-Wave Strategy – Ideal for stocks that have been shown to move significantly in the days following their earnings announcements
All three of these options strategies – and exactly how to play them – are revealed in
  • 3. The Most Accurate Earnings Calendar On The Market
  • 3. The Most Accurate Earnings Calendar On The Market
With hundreds of companies announcing earnings on the same day, it’s extremely difficult to pick the right stocks to trade. 

But the filtering tool that powers our earnings calendar solves that problem by instantly giving you all the fundamental information you need based on your search criteria:
  • Predicted Moves Based On Earnings (so you can accurately determine your risk-reward ratio)
  •  Market Cap (instantly identifies companies you deem too small – or too big)
  •  Average Daily Volume (an invaluable filter for options traders looking to reduce their premiums)
  •  Stock Prices (save time by eliminating stocks that are too expensive for you)
  • 4. The Only Stock Screener On The Market Devoted Solely To Earnings
  • 4. The Only Stock Screener On The Market Devoted Solely To Earnings
This powerful tool gives you 3 years worth of historic earnings data for select stocks, plus…
  • Proven trading strategies you can use to consistently profit from earnings announcements (along with detailed instructions on how to tailor these strategies for specific stocks)
  •  Identifies select stocks that tend to move with high volatility based on earnings announcements (trade these stocks – and options on them – and watch your profits soar) 
  • Earnings dates and times, predicted moves, estimated earnings per share and other critical information (use this data to quickly determine stocks with the highest likelihood of making big pre- and post-earnings moves)
  •  Customizable filter that finds stocks with earnings dates based on your parameters (this eliminates wasting time on stocks that don’t fit your strategies)
  • 5. Notable Earnings Reports Delivered Straight To Your Inbox
  • 5. Notable Earnings Reports Delivered Straight To Your Inbox
Every trading day at 5 a.m. Eastern time you’ll get alerts on notable earnings announcements, as well as at 11 p.m. Eastern time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and at 11 a.m. Eastern time on Sundays.
Plug into these e-mails and you’ll…
  • Never miss a notable earnings announcement ever again (this gives you a steady stream of profit opportunities all year long)
  • Trade earnings-related news more effectively (so you can save time and make more money)
  •  Discover predicted volatility as a result of earnings announcements for each company in these alerts (enabling you to plug in the right trading strategy for each)
  • 6. Full Access To Our Mobile App
  • 6. Full Access To Our Mobile App
With this app, you’ll never miss a critical earnings-related development again (so you can profit anywhere in the world you happen to be).
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  • FREE BONUS #1  
  • How To Trade Earnings Manual ($97 Value)
  • In this comprehensive trading guide you’ll discover…
  •  5 little-known trading strategies that will help you maximize your profits on earnings announcements (they practically guarantee you a profit opportunity every week…and sometimes every day!)
  •  When you need to avoid trades that have 45 days to expiration (follow this rule and you’ll greatly reduce your odds of losing)
  • The best strategies for gap and momentum trades (use them and you’ll maximize your profit opportunities and minimize your risk) 
  •  And much more!
  • FREE BONUS #2 
  • Timing is Everything Special Report ($249 Value)
Don’t make another trade on earnings announcements until you read this vital manual. It reveals…

  •  The big mistake that causes traders to lose when they trade options (it’s appalling how many people fall prey to this) 
  • Why options premiums increase into earnings (and how to make drop-dead simple profits from this predictability) 
  • Why you should stay away from small-cap stocks when trading into earnings season (the reason will surprise you)
  •  How to read the “rhythms” of stocks (master this and you’re virtually guaranteed to make money on most of your trades)
  •  How to determine optimal trade entry points (so you’ll never overpay for a stock or an option again)
  •  And Much More 
  • FREE BONUS #3 
  • The Right Way to Use Options in Earnings Season Video ($659 Value)
  • Here you’ll see our tools used to make trades in real time.
  •  Why these kinds of trades profit consistently (and how to bring in timing elements to use these strategies yourself)
  • How to use tools to identify consistent, profitable trades (we show you how to find optimal entry and exit points, too)
  • How to factor in all the various fundamentals into your trades (without getting overwhelmed by them) 
  • How to use technical analysis to determine when to enter – and exit – all of our strategies (use these techniques and you’ll take emotion out of your trades once and for all)
  • And much, much more (I haven’t even scratched the surface here…this video is like a college course on how to make money trading earnings announcements)
The earnings indicator allows you search earnings that fit your criteria in 3 simple clicks
Hiral Ghelani 
Founder of StockEarnings
"We developed a proprietary algorithm that gives you the best odds to trade earnings...Try it if you don't love it no charge, we eliminated the risk"
"The Earnings Indicator" 
What do you get?
  •  The most accurate earninngs calendar 
  •  Predicted before and after earning moves using our propiatary volatility algorithm 
  •  The Earnings screener find earnings that match your criteria 
  •  1-Day & 7-Day directioinal trading strategy into earnings 
  •  Our exact options strategy for profitable trades on 2,000 stocks
  •  Notable earning reports directly to your inbox 
  •  Full Access to Mobile App

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  • Eddie Wong , New York, NY, USA Active Trader has successfully predicted price movement earnings after earnings. Its a website you can't afford to not try!
  • Justin Duval , New York, NY, USA Active Trader has been a great resource for finding and trading the best earnings plays. It's been key to my development as a profitable earnings trader!
  • Angelo Costabile , Barcelona, Spain  The Earnings screening tool is a terrific tool that has provides users very useful information for stock and options trading and more importantly, it is a great time saver because personally I avoid making historic researches.
  • Miguel Buet, Taipei, China – I use this website for the matrix they have sort list ‘Upcoming Notable Earning’ They use the same parameters which I do manually but it takes forever to find stocks. It makes my research very easy. I would pay good money to have continued access!
  • Melissa Madgwick, Sydney, Australia – I use this website to filter and find stocks which are highly volatile in after earning. Predicted volatility simplifies my options strategy. This is the only tool out there which provides the ability to filters earnings calendar based on predicted volatalitry. Awesome!!!!
  • Lance Johnson, Richmond, VA, USA – Made good money using predicated volatility indicator in earning season! Best for Options Traders and Gap Traders like me! 
  • Jeff Reynolds, Toronto, Canada – Thank you ! My first trade gained 244% this morning ( CIEN ), I used the 1-day hold directional trading strategy. 
  • Charles Maiden, St. Louis, Missouri, USA – I bought the membership and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all this info on your website. I love it. Thank you so much.
  • Gerry Grenier, El Paso, Texas, USA – I truly enjoy all that you are offering your subscribers as well as new people on their trials to show that there are people such as yourself that really put in a heck of alot of work in guiding our paths on what it is that you want us to see and benefits that are available to us unlike many others only look to get your money and provide next to no real benefits to us.  Many thanks for your guidance.
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